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Liberia has had a tumultuous history of governmental restructuring attempts and coups resulting in civil wars, especially in recent history. The 2014-2015, Ebola epidemic hit the still-recovering country hard and the death toll is estimated in the thousands.

Liberia’s history of deadly civil wars and decades of violence left many children orphaned. Once the Ebola outbreak struck the country, the number of orphaned children skyrocketed. Children lost not only their parents, but often their entire extended family, leaving them without anyone to care for them. Confounding the orphan crisis are the high rates of maternal mortality and high poverty rates. It is estimated that Liberia has over 100,000 orphaned children. Today, years after the civil war and Ebola crisis, the need for help among orphans and children remains high.

Thanks to generous friends and donors, Headwaters is opening a center for girls in Monrovia, Liberia. The center will be called Aunty Annie’s Care Center and will begin by housing and educating girls ages 0-13. The cost of sponsoring one child for housing, education, and mentorship is $100/month

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